Skullcoaster Partners with Philly Freestyle Artist Alloyius Mcilwaine

Skullcoaster Partners with Philly Freestyle Artist Alloyius Mcilwaine

Skullcoaster sustainable wearable art is proud to announce its partnership with native Philly artist Alloyius Mcilwaine to create limited-edition streetwear. Alloyius's freestyle art has been featured at Art Basel, the Philadelphia Eagle's gameday posters, and Maker's Mark advertisements on Philadelphia city buses. A one-time Philadelphian, who's lived all over the East Coast, Skullcoaster's founder Amy Wilhelm reaches back to her beginnings to partner with an artist sharing her love for the city. 

Skullcoaster sustainable wearable art was born from a love of design and a strong belief in self-empowerment. The skull represents your thoughts in the iconic imagery, and the rollercoaster is the ride you take with them. You choose. Thinking for yourself is essential when your thoughts create the life you live.

Skullcoaster proudly gives all their artists royalties because they wouldn't exist without their inspiration and innovation. Alloyius will take the message and iconography of Skullcoaster and bring to it everything he is as an artist, a person, and a Philadelphian. His art will forge unique pathways to people who will resonate with the powerful intention he brings, spreading the message that our thoughts create the world we live in.

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