Embrace the Thrill of the Unknown!

Embrace the Thrill of the Unknown!

Sometimes the best choice is to jump before you feel ready – because DOING is the real preparation!


 That's one of the funny things about life. We want to be good at things BEFORE we do them. We desire to know things without really understanding them.

It's time for us all to dive into the fun of the unknown, the process of becoming – understanding that that's where the real energy is.

Do you know those entrepreneurs who start a company and go on to the next thing as soon as the first one is successful? That's because they love that feeling of creation.

And we all have access to that fun when we stop worrying about the how and concentrate on the WHY. And the why boils down to a pretty simple thing – goals, dreams, and ambitions give us a reason to feel energy flow through us. But the energy flow is the thing that we really love!

So, that thing that you want to do? I'm telling you right now that you're never going to feel truly ready. So just take a deep breath and dive in! It's a heck of a lot more fun than standing on the shore!

I'm Amy, the founder of Skullcoaster. And this is my blog. Thanks for reading!

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