Splatterhead Crop
Splatterhead Crop
Splatterhead Crop
Splatterhead Crop

Splatterhead Crop

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A vintage rocker vibe with a hidden surprise - the message beneath that all of your power comes from being who you ARE. The skull is your mind and the coaster is the thoughts you CHOOSE to CREATE the life you want.

Just like music of every genre, following your soul's lead brings the most amazing results. In other words, even dark lyrics or aggressive sounds can uplift the spirit. 

SUPER CRAZY SOFT liquid cotton with a boy-friend fit and raw edge bottom. Made in a W.R.A.P. certified ethically-run factory.

Original Art by Steven Myer-Rassow

Compare these measurements to your favorite tee to CHOOSE the fit YOU WANT.

Body width: XS:17.5  S:18.5  M:20  L:22  XL:24 2XL:26 

Body length: XS:19  S:19.5  M:20  L:20.5  XL:21 2XL:22 

Neck: XS:6.5  S:6.65  M:7  L:7.15  XL:7.4 2XL:7.65 

Sleeve length: XS:7  S:7.5  M:8  L:8.5  XL:2XL:9.5 

What we believe in

YOUR power

Your strength comes from being who you really are. That means caring less about the opinions of others and more about how you feel. It means . . .

YOUR truth

Owning your truth and using the immense power of your focus to let that truth manifest in your life in every way, large and small.

unleash your freedom

DECIDE to honor your beautifully unique spirit by focusing on thoughts that empower the real YOU. Only listen to the voices that inspire, create, lead, and support YOU.