Law of Attraction 101

Law of Attraction 101

It's all over social media, especially Instagram reels and TikTok video. Repeat this manifesting mantra, and miracles will happen. I'm not here to knock it, actually the opposite. What they say is one-hundred-thousand percent true, if your belief aligns with the words. The vibe has got to match for you to attract the things you're asking for. And that's where almost all of us get tripped up. We believe in the concept, we believe it can work, we've seen it work for others, but on the subjects that are most important to us we're stymied.

The road blocks come in many forms but most of them can be traced back to a belief somewhere inside us that we're not worthy of the things we want or not capable of doing the things that will bring them. This sentiment couldn't be more false, but most of us are dealing with it on some level. Let's face it, which one of us was raised by completely centered human beings who were spiritually thriving? Right? Ha! Or maybe your parents were pretty aligned most of the time, but the subject of your desires is different than theirs and society tells you it's one few achieve.

The point of life isn't to be born to perfect parents. No one is. The point is to align with anything and everything you want and then let it in. Great! You say. How the hell do I do it? Sign me up. Tell me. I'll try.

I can only tell you what I know, and how I'm learning (learning because I'll never be done) to find that place inside myself that easily harmonizes with everything I want and is starting believe I deserve it. And, get this, that it can actually be easy!

This blog Skullcoasting 101 is where I'll share everything I've learned so far. You will probably end up developing your own tips and tricks as you begin to try my suggestions. These aren't the answers, they're just a place to start. Once you begin, you'll be guided by your own voice from the inside out. 

Amy Wilhelm, Founder of Skullcoaster, a skull art based sustainable streetwear fashion brand, where artists get royalties and we celebrate the power of YOU.

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