Skullcoasting Profiles

Seth and I connected on social media through the hashtag “skullart” and have supported each other’s work ever since. The universe is incredible like that, matching you up with people who enjoy  each other out! Today, I’m talking to Seth about his creative pursuits of art and music and why he continues even when it’s challenging.
Hope the Rabbit started as a trip to the art store at the beginning of the pandemic. Now, she's inspiring and uplifting others with her cheerful and supportive nature. Her creator chats with me about how she was born.
Stop caring what other people think about you or what you do. I wasted so much time and mental energy on this. The reality is that nobody is thinking about you that much anyway. It seems harsh at first, but it is only human nature that humans are wrapped up, first and foremost, in our own lives.
"I would say just believe in yourself and don't stop until your vision is translated musically and lyrically how you want it to be. Taking care of all aspects of your life, especially your mental and physical wellness, is essential. In my experience, I can't create and have motivation if I don't have balance in my life."
Meet Courtney Nord. I discovered her music through Instagram and instantly fell in love with her authenticity and her heartfelt vibe, not to mention her stunning voice. Courtney's pursuit of her dream embodies the skullcoasting concept of following your heart over all else and using the power of your mind to overcome your fears.