Hope the Rabbit Likes to Make You Smile

Hope the Rabbit Likes to Make You Smile

Hope the Rabbit jumped out on my Instagram feed even before her creator found her name. Her sweet optimism and encouraging nature resonated with my desire to uplift and support others in their quest for self-discovery, fulfillment, and true soul-deep happiness. The artist, who prefers to be anonymous and let their work speak for them, embodies the essence of skullcoasting – listening to and trusting the voice of one's most authentic self. It's a delight for me to share Hope's story.

AMY: Thinking back, when did the concept of Rabbit Rabbit begin to take form?

My little rabbit happened by accident. I hadn't drawn anything for a while. But, at the beginning of the pandemic in 2020, I decided it would be an excellent time to start again. I bought some art supplies, and while trying a new brush pen, I drew the very first version of Rabbit Rabbit.

It took a while to fully develop the character into what it is today, though.


AMY: How did Hope the Rabbit emerge from Rabbit Rabbit?

Rabbit Rabbit was always just a working title for my character. I planned to give her a 'real' name at some point but wasn't in a rush. Three themes, Love, Peace, and Hope, naturally began to emerge in my work, and somehow, 

Hope just seemed to be the perfect name for her. And it has the word 'Hop' in it, of course!


AMY: What drives you to spread the positive messages your art expresses?

In the beginning, the messages were just something I liked myself, and I thought others might like them too.

These days, I get so much fantastic positive feedback from people worldwide regarding Hope and her messages that I'm constantly inspired to create more and more.

The way I see it, if Hope can make a few people smile or feel a little better if they're having a bad day, it's all good! It makes me very happy!


AMY: What would you say to other artists out there who don't know how to get going?

Just get started. Don't overthink it. Create the work and get it out there. Don't have any expectations, and if you don't get a great response to begin with, it really doesn't matter. It's normal.

As long as you enjoy what you are doing and are consistent, your audience will grow, and engagement will too. Just have fun!!

AMY: Do you ever feel self-doubt? How do you deal with it?

I really don't, and I think it's because I don't put any pressure on myself at all. Hope started out as a fun thing to do, and I keep reminding myself of that.




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