Jordan Brooks – I Got These Prayers Inside My Heart

Jordan Brooks – I Got These Prayers Inside My Heart

Jordan's music rescued me. Let me explain. Out on my first solo date, i.e., newly broken up and TRYING to do something I enjoy, I was just about to give up. The strip of hip hangout spots I'd parked in front of seemed full of couples and friends having fun, which was a bit too challenging. Then, I heard this beautiful acoustic guitar music accompanied by a fantastic voice. "Come on, girl," I said to myself, "you LOVE live acoustic guitar. You can do this! Go." 

I'm so glad I perked myself up with positive self-talk because Jordan's set was terrific. When his set was over, he put on some post-set tunes. One stood out in particular, so I asked him, "Who sings that?" Turns out it was a Jordan Brooks original "Dancing With the Devil". Needless to say, my fandom was born then and there. 

AMY: What was the first song you ever wrote? 

JORDAN: The first song I would say I really finished is a song called "Save Me" that I wrote a few years ago. The first song I actually loved that I wrote was a track called "Dancing With The Devil, which was my first single, released in January of 2021. I had the help of a few fellow musicians, Jacob McCurdy @jacobmccurdymusic and Alex Calabrese @oldtommusic, in writing that tune. It's been fun learning the writing process and making tracks come to life!

AMY: Have you always played music? 

JORDAN: I've always really loved music and sang for fun. I picked up the guitar when I was 15 (I'm now 22), and from there, I found it to be my passion. I started with Ed Sheeran as my major influence, which made me pick up the guitar. For the first few years, I mainly played his songs and learned. Then other influences emerged, bringing me more into my current sound, such as Post Malone and then, more recently, The Kid LAROI, which is more in the Hip Hop and Pop world. My sound is sort of a mix of all these artists. I used to get told I sound a lot like Ed, especially when I play his songs, but I feel like I'm finding my own sound.

Having a unique and recognizable voice is a huge goal that I strive towards. 


AMY: How do you shut out the noise of people who have a negative attitude about "making it" as a musician?

JORDAN: I luckily haven't had too many negative comments, at least up to this point, about pursuing music. I think that most people in my life recognize that it's what I'm passionate about and what makes me happy. I'm still young and have time to figure stuff out. Music is the one thing I've always felt like and been told I was good at, but I do hope to find other passions that fulfill me.

AMY: Any advice to other musicians who are pursuing their dreams?

JORDAN: I would say just believe in yourself and don't stop until your vision is translated musically and lyrically how you want it to be. Taking care of all aspects of your life, especially your mental and physical wellness, is essential. In my experience, I can't create and have motivation if I don't have balance in my life.

Feeling good translates through the music. People can feel the emotion you are feeling and trying to convey. Both melodically and lyrically. 


AMY: How do you deal with any negative voices in your head when they crop up?

JORDAN: This is something I'm always working on… We all have doubts about our talent and whether everything will work out.

We can't control our thoughts, but we can control how we respond to them. That's something I always try to keep in mind.


For me, using music as a therapeutic tool will always need to be the thing that keeps me going. Not the recognition or the followers. I also genuinely like watching your Skullcoaster videos, with great tips for dealing with negative self-talk. (Awww. Thanks, Jordan. I PROMISE I didn't tell him to say that!)

Thank you so much for having me, Amy. I really appreciate your support. Please check out my newest single, "PRAYERS" on all platforms and follow me on Instagram @jordanbrooksmusic to keep up with all that's happening :)


  • Arnie Bearak

    Jordan’s dad. What can we do to get Jordan’s followers on Jordan Brooks Up to 1 million. Pass his music on. He had some unreleased songs that I am going to try to get published. Jordan could have been a superstar had he been able to overcome his sadness. Love arnie

  • Debi

    Jordan was such a talented, funny and sweet dude. I always enjoyed hanging out with him and cheering on his musical accomplishments. He has left a saddened community of people who loved him and wanted to see him succeed at life,

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