How Do You Get Over Your Ex?

How Do You Get Over Your Ex?

The way to get over your ex is by not getting over them. What? Did you just read that? You sure did. Let me explain.

You fell in love with your ex for a reason. There are a lot of things you DO love about them. Missing them is equivalent to saying – I liked having those feelings, characteristics, and experiences in my life. I don't want to let go of them. You don't have to. Instead, you can piggyback all of those wonderful things onto your new relationship wishlist.

Even if you think your ex was perfect, I guarantee they weren't a perfect match for you or you'd be together. Now is the time to add things to your list that are a better match for you. 

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER – As you're doing this, you still need to love and take care of yourself. An unloving relationship with yourself will always set you up to attract someone who makes you feel unloved in some way. So yeah, first things first.

That being said, every time you long for your ex say, thank you universe for bringing _______ into my life. I know I deserve and will receive everything I loved about that person and relationship and more. While I have your attention, here are some things I'd like to add to my wishlist.

Don't try to beat the old memories out of your mind. Instead, use their power to transport your dreams someplace new.

Love you all. You deserve every single thing you want. #skullcoasting

Amy Wilhelm, Founder of Skullcoaster, a skull art based sustainable streetwear fashion brand, where artists get royalties and we celebrate the power of YOU.

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