How to Maintain A Healthy Perspective On Your Body

How to Maintain A Healthy Perspective On Your Body

Ever wake up feeling confident and just a couple hours later you think you're an ugly fat loser. Guess what? Everyone does.

Obviously, our physical reality doesn't change that drastically in an hour or two but our perspective can if we let our negative thoughts pull us down. The best way to keep from spiraling down that particular rabbit hole is to stop it before the momentum gets going. And for goodness sakes, AVOID MIRRORS because your self-critical orientation is going to distort what you see there.

Ultimately, our bodies pay closest attention to what our minds tell them. So when we can't offer encouragement and positive feedback (and, sometimes we really can't), we can at least try not to make it worse.

Believe me, any ideas you get about anything to "do" about it are going in the wrong direction because you're starting off with a negative vibe and like attracts like. Instead, put on sweatpants, avoid mirrors, and give yourself whatever pep talk you're capable of until you feel better.


  • Create a massive diet and exercise plan.
  • Try on the clothes that you already know are too tight.
  • Binge shop or eat because you've just totally depressed yourself.
  • Take your negative perspective too seriously.

When we're not in the best place, sometimes the healthiest choice is to just tell ourselves – I'm sure I'll feel better soon. Eventually, you will.

Wishing everyone the very best vibes for loving themselves, laughing more and stressing less, and finding more and more ways to amplify positive thoughts while laying off the negative ones.

All the love,


Amy Wilhelm, Founder of Skullcoaster, a skull art based sustainable streetwear fashion brand, where artists get royalties and we celebrate the power of YOU.

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